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Orange Navigation Lights!

No, really...

Written by Sailorman

PublishedFeb. 16, 2019, 6:25 p.m.

Met this one dude at a local bar in Lihue, and as he is getting drunk, he’s talking on and on until he tells this story: he was working on boats, and took one of his client’s sailing vessels up to Hanalei Bay from Nawiliwili (Na wili wili) Harbor. Boozed it up pretty good with his buddy to the point they were both 3+ sheets to the wind.

Now it is quite a long passage back to Nawiliwwili Harbor (where the boat had a slip) from Hanalei Bay and neither one of them are fit to run a dinghy, let alone a large sailing vessel.

It was very late at night, maybe even morning, his buddy is passed out, and he is looking for Nawiiwili Harbor entrance. He told me, he sees an ORANGE LIGHT, and figured it was the channel entrance.

There are no orange navigation aids, but I didn’t stop him at this point.

The light was actually on a building many miles from the harbor and had nothing to do with navigation. He ran the boat up and over the rocks and grounded it. Boat was a total wreck and the owner, who he had done some work for, didn’t even know he had taken it.

He left the island, whereabouts unknown, then got drunk enough to relate his story years later, on the very island where he had committed the crime.... Stupidity, evidently knows no bounds.


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